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A Gravame – The Burden“ Germany 2016 72min

The steel mill once a symbol for progress and the rise of capitalism, is now foreshadowing its possible decay. A parable on hope and resurrection in times of social and political delusion. 

Film by Peter Rippl

The Storyteller. After Walter Benjamin“ Germany 2016 

Storytelling is a way of sharing experiences. Our film investigates the visual form of storytelling in today’s society.

Film-Essay by Nathaniel Knop.

„Leningrad – The Man Who Sings“ Germany 2008 82min

The changes in Russia through the eyes and the music of Russias undergroud superstar Sergej “Shnur” Shnurov and his band Leningrad.

Film by Peter Rippl

„No trust. No fear. Ask nothing“ D/RU 2012 82min

No trust. No fear. Ask nothing’ traces the seemingly lost world of Russian gangster and prison camp music. Witnesses from the soviet period bring the underground music scene of the 60’s and 70’s back to life.

Film by Peter Rippl


Dem Ort, an dem die Brüder Lumière den Grundstein für das indische’ Kino legten, droht der Verfall. Trotz des Einsatzes internationaler und indischer Architekten tagnieren die Bemühungen um die Rettung des architekturhistorisch wichtigen Bauwerks und Symbols des Kolonialismus im Herzen Mumbais. 

Film by Ragunath V, Peter Rippl & Nathaniel Knop

„3.Generation – Auf den Spuren unserer Vorfahren“. Deutschland, 2016, 52 min

Dokumentarfilm über jüdische Migranten in Deutschland, welche aus der ehemaligen Sowietunion emmigriert sind. Wie war das Leben als Jude in der Sowjetunion? Wie ist jetzt das jüdische Leben in der Ukraine, in Russland und in Deutschland?

Film by Alexander Stoler, David Vataman & Sergij Kolesnikow. Artist Adviser Anatoli Skatchkov

„Pavlik. + 100“ Germany 2013

The son of the Ukrainian ortodox priest, the journalist and the member of the Komsomol, 16 years in Stalin’s GULAG – Pavlik talks about his life. 2011 he celebrates his 100. 75 minutes – 50 cuts.
Pavel Galitsky and Valentin Muravsky in film by Peter Rippl and Anatoli Skatchkov.

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